Tailor-made events for educators,
students and parents

We understand your school’s needs may vary and we are here to tailor together different events to enhance your own counselling program.

Some of the tailor-made events we have provided in the past years include hybrid fairs, alumni presentations and consortium-exclusive events. We would love to hear how we can support you and your students.

Live interactive sessions with the latest information on country/major specifics delivered by university admissions reps or lectures delivered by university academics that help students “taste” the program they intend to apply to


(Watch past webinar recordings here)

Sign up for free to enjoy our highly engaging Virtual University Fairs and Global Workshop Series. Meet with universities from around the world and learn the possibilities of starting your journey as an international student. Come and watch our interactive live sessions and learn about admission processes, types of programs, opportunities to work during/after studies, ways to afford your education. Do you want to know more? Click here.

Engage and learn along with your fellow industry peers on hot topics plus specific application processes and opportunities
Join our E-conferences to meet with international educators, attend live sessions, network and get inspired


We have been organizing university fairs inside international high schools since 2009. From our offices in Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain and Mexico our team have successfully delivered over 800 fairs in 35 countries throughout Europe, Central Asia and The Americas.

We bring the universities to you – students at our fairs can meet with a variety of institutions from the comfort of their own high school. It’s important to note that we are completely impartial, we do not recommend one university over another and when organizing an event we understand and fully adapt to the needs of the students, counselor and school.

Virtual Fairs

This year has given us the opportunity to make some dreams come true and to grow beyond geographical boundaries.

Our successes in the past years include organizing two E-conferences gathering over 500 professionals in International Education across the globe,  we have connected over 30,000 students with a wide variety of universities during over 150 webinars and have “gone back to school” with our teaser classes where students have the unique opportunity to experience a real lecture on their chosen subject and engage live with Academics and student ambassadors.

2020 also saw us opening up our platforms to IEC’s and we are continuously learning from their vast country expertise and unbiased advice.

It goes without saying, you all are the inspiration and purpose of our virtual SRT and we are so grateful to you.

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