12 September Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

13 September Zurich International School

13 September ISCS International School of Central Switzerland

14 September Haut-Lac International Bilingual School

Tour Update

Hotels and Transfers

Book your accommodation and transfers below for the SRT Fall Switzerland Tour.  Once you complete the form below, you will be contacted by a representative from our partnering travel agency - Jamadvice.

Booking Deadline
5 August, Wednesday

Participants & Marketing Materials

At this time, we need you to submit your marketing materials via the link on the update, please do so by 22 August.

Bishop’s University

Burgundy School of Business

Business School Lausanne

Coventry University

EDHEC Business School

EHL Hospitality Business School

ESSEC Business School

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Hult International Business School

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

John Cabot University

Lancaster University

Nottingham Trent University

Regent’s University London

RIT Rochester Institute of Technology

School of Visual Arts

The American University of Paris

The University of Manchester

Tio University of Applied Sciences

UniLaSalle, Polytechnic Institute

University for the Creative Arts

University of the West of England, Bristol

and more

University Team

School Team



What is the E-conference' participation fee? ​

The event is free-of-charge for High school counselors and IECs.

How many meetings can I have within the conference?​

The standard package includes a quota of 25 meetings, however, you can add up to 3 more by unblocking your lunch breaks or double your quota by adding a second participant.

What is the limit of participants per institution?​

We accept up to 2 participants per institution.

Do I need to install any software?​

You will only need a web browser to use the Marcom eSchedule PRO and Zoom app for conducting the meetings.

Can I schedule meetings outside the platform?​

Yes, SRT is not limiting the participants to meet outside the Conference' hours or dates.

Can I have another person with me at the meeting?​

You can have a student or a colleague physically joining you for the meeting or if you have a colleague participating as well with a separate profile, you can both attend the same meeting.

How long is each meeting?​

Each of your 25 meetings will be of 25 minutes duration with 5 minute breaks in between. If you’d like to maximize your time and increase your number of meetings, you may add up to additional slots by unblocking your breaks.

When is the deadline to register?​

High School Counselors and IECs can join until two weeks before the event's start.

When does the meeting scheduling begin/end?​

We open the conference for meetings on October 4 and you can schedule until the end of the event itself and according to the requested party's availability.

How do I go to my next meeting?​

The platform will remind you when you are about to start/end each meeting.

Will all participants have access to my profile and contacts? ​

Yes, for up to 4 weeks after the event's end.

Can I share my marketing material during the meetings?​

Sure, they are however available to download from your profile as well.

Will the sessions being recorded?​

Yes. We recommend you watch them live as they are great conversation starters and source of knowledge.

If I exceed the number of allowed meetings can I add more?​

No. The maximum meetings are 25 plus a bonus 3 meetings if you unblock your lunch breaks.