Jan 23 2023


UK Time
19:00 - 20:00

What will you do next summer? Discover Oxford Royale Academy Summer Schools

Oxford Royale is a leading global provider of elite summer schools in some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. We offer a range of courses to give young people the opportunity to identify their passions, make informed decisions, and realise their ambitions. This genuine taste of undergraduate life sets students on a path to academic and career achievement. Courses are delivered by a world-class faculty of experts and teachers who bring out the best in every individual. Since 2004 we’ve welcomed over 170 nationalities, creating a global community in which students develop an international network of friends and connections.

More about Oxford Royale

Welcoming young people from more than 170 nations, Oxford Royale provides the perfect opportunity to gain a global perspective and develop an international network of friends and connections.

Oxford Royale students experience authentic undergraduate life, living, studying and dining within the actual university colleges and halls.

Oxford Royale offers over 30 courses, and our faculty is world class, comprising Oxbridge tutors, Ivy League lecturers and industry experts.

Oxford Royale students get a headstart in demanding and competitive fields, and gain knowledge and skills to build strong university applications.

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