1. What is your home country? Are you currently living there or did you relocate?

I grew up in Germany, but I have been living abroad for quite a long time. Before moving to Spain, where I am based now, I worked in Belgium and the UK.

2. Did you study in your country or did you choose another one? 

I studied translation and interpreting in Munich, but I went to Spain twice during my studies. I spent an Erasmus semester in Granada, and then I took a one-year break in order to do an internship in Barcelona.  

After graduating as a translator, I decided to study a French-German Master’s program in management studies, which allowed me to do another internship for a semester in Montpellier and study for a year in Strasbourg.

3. What were your priorities when choosing the university?

I have always been interested in languages, this is what drove me to study translation studies in the first place and then choose a bilingual master’s.

4. If you could go back in time, would you have preferred other studies? Which?

No, I am quite happy with my choice. I very much enjoyed pursuing two completely different programs and having the opportunity to study and work abroad during my studies. Also, I was lucky to study in small groups and have motivated professors.

5. Was it easy for you to adapt to a different country? 

Yes, in general, it was fairly easy for me to get used to the new situation. I met great people wherever I went and even though I was missing my family and friends I felt happy to be abroad. 

6. Did you speak the language? Did you experience any issues with that?

I spoke the language a bit already and I was motivated to improve my skills. I think this was of great help because it pushed me to interact with locals and make friends outside of the international student bubble.

7. How helpful has your international experience been when finding a job?

I think my international experience is an important part of my CV and has been appreciated by employers. Also, I firmly believe that having managed to start a new life in a different place with a different culture by yourself also prepares you to adapt to new situations, teams, and company cultures in your professional life.

8. What advice would you give to future international students?

To really try and immerse yourself in the culture and to learn at least the basics of the local language. Also, always follow your interests, enjoy the experience, and be open to learning new things that might not seem all that relevant at first glance – do not only focus on what will advance your professional career. 

And now… Let’s get to know you a bit better!

What is your favorite book?

I don’t have that one favorite book, but recently I really enjoyed “The Time in Between” by María Dueñas for example. 

What is your favorite music genre?

I like almost everything, especially when it is live music, but indie rock is what I am listening to the most.

Who inspires you?

I easily get inspired by people I meet in everyday life, especially if they are enthusiastic about what they do.

What are your hobbies?

I love being outside, going to the beach, the mountains, or just on a walk with my dog. I also like to spend time with friends and family and lately, I have discovered a passion for audiobooks.

What is the most exciting place you have visited?

This might not be very exciting, but one very special place for me is the Alhambra in Granada.