1. What is your home country? Are you currently living there or did you relocate?

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and I am currently living here after spending six years in Ukraine. 

 2. Did you study in your country or did you choose another one? 

I didn’t have the opportunity to study abroad, but I managed to be part of the exchange program, and I spent one year studying in Moscow. 

3. What were your priorities when choosing a university?

I knew that I wanted to try and study abroad, so I was looking for a university with exchange programs. And I was sure that I wanted to study marketing, so this is how I chose my university. 

4. If you could go back in time, would you have preferred other studies? Which?

 No, I am absolutely happy with my choice. 

 5. Was it easy for you to adapt to a different country? 

In my exchange program, it wasn’t so easy to adapt, mostly because of the weather, but I can’t say that it was hard. 

 6. Did you speak the language? Did you have any issues with the language barrier?

Yes, I could speak Russian, but not very well. I was really afraid to speak, but once I didn’t have the choice, I started to practice, and it was fun. 

 7. How helpful has your international experience been when finding a job?

 It was helpful. In my opinion, there are three things that matter:

  1. Once you manage to study abroad, you already know how to find a decision for any task. There are a lot of things that you have to make by yourself, and when you are alone somewhere, you start to make a decision faster.
  2. Language – if you managed to study in a different language then you are good at it. This is important if your job is in another language. 
  3. Culture – when you spend more time in a new country you start to understand the culture and the lifestyle of those people. This is also important if your next job will be with people from this country.


 8. What advice would you give to future international students?

 Don’t be afraid, it will be a great experience! 

9. What is your favorite book?

 Harry Potter, Portrait of Dorian Gray. 

 10. What is your favorite music genre?

 I don’t have favorites. I listen to all kinds of music.

11. Who inspires you?

 My family! 

 12. What are your hobbies?

 Walking. I love going for a walk with my dog. 

 13. What is the most exciting place you have visited?

Chornobyl I was excited because it is a place where you don’t know how to explain it. I was pretty excited and sad at the same time.