Each teaser class is a lecture-type, career-specific session, exclusively designed to help you “taste” the university experience and see if a certain study program or course is what you expect. Each class is delivered by an experienced university academic and will give you an opportunity to participate in the virtual classroom by completing a group or individual assignments.

Teaser class with Universidad Europea del Atlántico

Clara Arnaíz, Mónica Gracia

Teaser class with CEU Universities

Juan Francisco Jiménez Jacinto, Andreu Miranda Romera

Teaser Class with Northumbria University

Dr. Pam Croney, Jack Williams

Teaser class with Full Sail University

Lilian Garcia

Teaser Class with Full Sail University

Sandra Lizama

Teaser class with IED Istituto Europeo di Design

José Fran García, Carla Sofía Elizundia, Carla Nuñez

Teaser class with CEU Universities

Andreu Miranda Romera, Frankie Puig

Teaser Class with IE University

Waya Quiviger, Marta Albaladejo Carreño

Teaser class with IE University

Gabriela Montojo Sancho, Miguel Vaquero

Teaser class with Avans University of Applied Sciences

Paul Santman-Seves, Marjon Verhoeven, Petko Marinikov, Jeroen Pijnenburg, Shen Li

Teaser class with ESIC

Andrés Gomez Funes, Azeem Muhammad, Giovanni Romano