E-conference for International Educators

About the SRT E-conference

Welcome to the SRT E-conference for International Educators! This event is the perfect opportunity for high school counselors and IECs to stay updated about current educational changes abroad and at specific institutions.
Participants can enjoy one-on-one meetings and exchange ideas and experience with our extensive network of thousands of professionals, decision-makers and leaders in the higher education community. Take part in seminars and break-out sessions with wide-ranging topics and country overview presentations. 

E-Conference Europe & Eurasia


E-conference for International Educators: Europe & Eurasia will be held on 9-10 December, 2024.

Upcoming E-Conferences 2025

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Expected audience (for both E-conferences)

+500 high school counselors, IECs, university representatives, country groups, NGOs and professional development experts.

The Americas


counselors and IECs





Key participating countries:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela

Europe & Eurasia


counselors and IECs





Key participating countries:
Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Moldova


I really enjoyed the conference, and having attended many of these types of events over the years, this was one of the most efficient ones! Thanks for all you do - and feel free to reach out to me in the future. I look forward to all the collaborations to come.

Alex Becket International School of Belgrade

I really enjoyed the conference, and having attended many of these types of events over the years, this was one of the most efficient ones! Thanks for all you do - and feel free to reach out to me in the future. I look forward to all the collaborations to come.

Phillip Wenturine Brewster Madrid

This event is extremely important for a small school like ours, we are an extremely international community but as limitations on staff, SRT-E Conference provides a platform for us to connect and become aware of a variety of university options for our graduates.

Kathy Vos Eerde International Boarding School

I’m very grateful to be able to participate in this type of event because there is updated valuable information for my students.

Alexandra de Fina Colegio Guayamuri, Venezuela

Another great experience for 'global travel'. These meetings are so important in helping me expand my knowledge of universities across the globe and of what my students need to know too. Thanks to all.

John Barter Baleares International College, Spain

It was an excellent opportunity to meet new contacts. I was very happy with the meetings I had with the universities. They all followed up with additional information. It was hugely helpful for me. Two of us attended from the Grammar School, so we split the meetings, and it was manageable with our school work. An excellent event, thank you!

Kam Stylianou The Grammar School Nicosia, Cyprus

As always, a very professionally structured 3 days, with great opportunities to learn and develop relationships with those sitting on the other side of the desk. Looking forward to the next one.

Luke Turner Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, Portugal

I was really pleased with how the conference was organized, the platform worked really well, and the meetings I had with counselors were truly productive! It was a fantastic way of connecting with professionals across the globe that I would not have been able to visit in-person. The schedule was well-paced and structured, with interesting sessions sprinkled in too. Two thumbs up to the whole team, really well done and a big thank you!

Sohvi Riekkinen Northumbria University, UK

Great sessions for counselors new to the job and the possibility of networking was perfect. Thank you so much for the opportunity! And to be able to have access to presentations and sessions we could not attend is great!

Sandrine Le Ber International School of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

It has by far been the most rewarding, helpful and productive event I have attended in all my years in teaching, I only wish I had been able to attend more sessions in the past.

Nikki Quinlan Colegio Patrocinio San José

I believe the conference was executed smoothly. Thanks to the organizers for a terrific job. I learned a lot and realized that the world of higher education can be made small so that every student can fit in. Thanks to this conference, I am well-equipped now to talk to my students about their college plans. Congratulations!

Martin Kit Guzman Shorouq Al Mamlakah International School, Saudi Arabia

This was my first time attending the conference, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am re-entering university counseling after a few years of doing socio-emotional counseling only, and it was a great and efficient way to meet with many universities and reconnect with some of the trends. Thank you!

Vera den Otter American School of Antananarivo, Madagascar

It was truly helpful to do outreach with high school counselors who live in other cities in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. All from the comfort of my desk!

Siham Ouri EducationUSA, Saudi Arabia

I was very happy with the entire event. The presentations were interesting, the time fits great, and I was pleasantly surprised by the councilors' openness to sending their students to new destinations and their curiosity on behalf of their students. It was a very fruitful conference for SDU and me, with a lot of very good meetings and interesting and eye-opening presentations.

Signe Lund University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the conference. It was a wonderful experience and a learning opportunity, and I look forward to the next one.

Hanan Qobrosi Amman Baccalaureate School, Jordan

This was the first of these kinds of events that I have attended. It had much to do with the ease of using the conference platform. I found that there was a range of universities that brought much diversity to the conference. I learned much about universities/colleges that I had not previously known about, which was a great bonus. Thank you for the opportunity and learning that I experienced.

Lisa Gregoire The American School of Tangier, Morocco

Thank you so much for organizing such a lovely event and for having me as a presenter, it was a really great experience, and I found the networking to be quite fruitful!

Kevin Dupont Deira International School, UAE

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