Virtual Fair:
Study Abroad

For high school students from Europe & Eurasia

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24 February

12:00 – 16:00 UK Time | 15:00 – 19:00 Moscow Time

Advice from independent educational organizations

Guide on  country application processes. 

Informative sessions on different programs:
Architecture, Medicine, Law, Business, Art & Design, and many more. 

Latest trends in international education 

Our universities from across the globe

Get to know the place you want to study

Informative Sessions

Learn about admissions processes, accommodation, career opportunities, visa requirements, and student life. 

Submitting an impactful application – tips for outstanding candidates

Preparing for the admissions interview – tips and tools for a successful university interview

Foundation/ pathway programs unfolded – What skills and experiences can you obtain?

What Is a Liberal Arts College? – Enter the world of robust and versatile education.

Study in Canada: What is the difference between College and University studies in Canada?

Study in the US: How to apply to an American University? Application processes and assessments

Study in the Netherlands: How to apply to a Dutch University? Application processes and assessments

Study in Spain: How to apply to a Spanish University? Application processes and assessments 

Study in Germany: How to apply to an German University? Application processes and assessments

Study in France: How to apply to an French University? Application processes and assessments

Study in Italy: How to apply to an Italian University? Application processes and assessments

Exclusive Workshops for High School Counselors

Why study Architecture?

Business Management and Entrepreneurship without barriers

The world is your stage: Design, Visual Arts and Performing Arts

Study Sports Management, Athlete Programs

Study Medicine, Bio-engineering and Biotechnology

Study Tourism Management

Study Public Relations


How to attend the SRT Virtual Fair: Study Abroad?

1. How can I register for the Virtual Fair? 

Register as an attendee by filling in the form. Keep in mind that the fields are mandatory and you must add your name, email, school, interests and many more. So easy!  Once you are registered, you will receive an Invitation Link from When the Link invite is being accepted, your Invitation Status will be updated to Registered. 

2. Can I use a mobile version for this platform? No. We highly recommend using a laptop/PC. You should enter the platform with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Keep in mind that the browser has to be updated with the latest version. 

3. Where to start? When the event is live, you can start exploring. The active tabs are marked with a red button. You may take part in public and individual chats, or polls. Join the stages or enter the booths at the Expo to say “Hi” to the university representatives.

4. Types of chat. There are different types of chat during the SRT Virtual Fairs. There is a public chat of the event, every stage, booth or session has their own chat and you can ask your questions. 

5. How can you message someone in a private chat? To connect with people individually, just click the People tab located at the right menu and choose the person you’d like to meet. All meetings can be found at My Agenda tab. You can receive invites for video calls, schedule meetings or send private messages. Keep an eye on the notifications, because you will have the opportunity to meet amazing people from top universities from around the world.

6. How to navigate around the different sections of the event? Once the event is live and active, you will be taken directly to the Reception Page. 

  • Reception Tab
    The Reception tab is the first screen you will see when you join the event. It’s like the homepage of the event where people learn about the event and get oriented. The Schedule is located there as well as general information about the event, the presentations and what is active in the Stages tab.
  • Stages Tab
    The Stages tab is the place where all universities and guest speakers will present useful information for you. We have several stages so keep an eye on all of them.
  • EXPO University Booths Tab 
    This is the area where you can see the list of all universities. All brochures, presentations, teaser classes, photos, videos, campus information and program details will be there for you. You can search in the Expo by the name of the university or use the tags to find what you are looking for. Visit them and ask your questions. Please note that on the schedule you will find the list with the university booth presentations. They will be 10-minutes presentations with detailed information about the institution.
  • Reply/Recordings Tab
    Recordings of the presentations will appear in the Replay / Recordings tab of the event dashboard.
    In the Expo tab or when you click the tab Help Desk you can find our SRT Help Desk. If you have any questions, you can contact our team there.

7. What to do if you do not have access to the event’s platform? In case you have a technical difficulty or a specific place of the event is not working, refresh your browser. You must refresh your browser and delete your cache by pressing CTRL + F5 for Windows and CMD + R for Mac. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can find us in the SRT Help Desk. 

Enjoy your SRT Virtual Fairs and see you there! 

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