The Americas

Virtual Fair

3 October 2022

2 PM - 5 PM (Mexico City Time)

4 PM - 7 PM (Brasília Time)

How to participate


The Reception tab is the first screen you will see when you join the event. It's a lobby where people learn about the event and get oriented. The Schedule is located there as well as general information about the event, the booths and what is active in the Stages tab.


The Stages tab is the place where all universities will present content-oriented sessions. We have two allocated stages - Stage 1 and Stage 2. Please take a look at the Reception to view schedule and presenters.
You will receive an e-mail from SRT Team to let you know on which Stage are you presenting. Please arrive at the dedicated stage 3 minutes before the session start time. A member of the SRT team will introduce the session and you will present in accordance with the order.


The event's Backstage is a private video chat that allows Speakers and Organizers rehearse before going live in front of attendees.

EXPO University Booths

This is the area where attendees can see the list of all universities. All brochures, presentations, teaser classes, photos, videos, campus information and program details will be pre-uploaded. Students search in the Expo by country and program type, and/or by entering education-sector-specific pavilions.
10 minutes individual university presentations will be presented at the booths. These sessions will be promoted during the event. Please note that the presentations will not be recorded.

Replay / Recordings

Recordings of Stage 1 and Stage 2 will automatically appear in the Replay / Recordings tab of the event dashboard after the event is over.

Help Desk

In the Expo tab or when you click the tab Help Desk you can find our SRT Help Desk. If you have any questions, you can contact our team there.

We highly recommend using a laptop/PC for the virtual fairs. In case you are experiencing some difficulties during the event please refresh your browser by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+R (CMD+SHIFT+R). You can find us at the Help Desk on the platform or you can directly message a SRT's team member on the People's tab.

Some of the participating institutions

campus france 1 (1)
carleton logo
cis 4
daad 2
esic 2
GRIFF logo
tbs 2
uwe 2
campus france 1 (1)
carleton logo
cis 4
daad 2
esic 2
GRIFF logo
tbs 2
uwe 2

Sessions' schedule

Time 14-17 MexicoTopicParticipants
14:05Welcome Opening by SRTSRT
14:10¿Cómo buscar una beca para estudiar en Europa?Spain Counselor
14:25¿Por qué elegir Francia como destino de estudios?
Campus France
14:35DAAD, Servicio Alemán de Intercambio AcadémicoDAAD
14:45Are you a student-athlete? Discover our sports programs at CIS University, your American University in Madrid.CIS University
14:55Why studying in CanadaThe University of Alberta
14:55Applying to a Canadian UniversityCarleton University
15:05Studying in Australia's Gold CoastGriffith University
15:15Studying Liberal Arts in Kyoto, JapanThe Institute for the Liberal Arts, Doshisha University
15:25Why Paris is the top destination for Art and Design studentsAutograf Design School
15:35Obtain a Top Ranked UK Degree in Leipzig, GermanyLancaster University Leipzig
15:45Why choose Spain for your Business and Marketing DegreeESIC
15:45Take the Leap and Study Business in EuropeTBS Education
15:55Why a business degree in France?ESSEC Business School
16:10Why you should Consider Belgium for your University studiesThomas More University of Applied Sciences
16:20Why choose the UK
UWE Bristol
16:20Application and Admissions ProcessBuckinghamshire New University
16:35Applying to Study in Italy - what you should knowBocconi University

Submit Your Marketing Materials Here

Once you submit the materials, we will review them. After the review, you will receive a link to access the event's platform - Hopin.  
Do not forget to confirm your account by clicking on the magic link in your email.


The Virtual Fair will be open on October 3 form 2:00 – 5:00 Mexico City Time. Once we are LIVE, you will be able to enter the Hopin platform.

Yes. But we highly recommend using a laptop/PC. You should enter the platform with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Keep in mind that the browser has to be updated with the latest version. 

  • When it’s time for your presentation, head to the backstage with the link provided to you by SRT Fairs.
  • Click Ask to Share Audio and Video at the center of the Backstage screen.
  • You’ll need to give browser permissions to use your camera and mic.
  • SRT’s team will receive your request to participate and once approved, you will appear on the Backstage screen with video and audio on.
  • Please do not share the Backstage link with external visitors. Only presenters should enter the Backstage.
  • Note! There’s a small delay between stages: the main stage will be 10-15 seconds behind the backstage.

Yes. You will receive the sessions recordings the week after the Virtual Fair.

In case you have a technical difficulty or a specific tab of the event is not working, refresh your browser. You refresh your browser and delete your cache by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + R (CMD + SHIFT + R). If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can also find us at SRT Help Desk on Hopin.

  • The Stage is what attendees see, the Backstage is how speakers present.
  • The live indicator on the top left corner of the screen will tell you that your Backstage is Live and the attendees are now watching you on the Stage.
  • Up to five Speakers are allowed on the screen at the Backstage. 
  • Only one person can share his screen per time. With one person using the screen share option, the screen share icon will be greyed out for the other presenters/speakers.

Тips to attend the event

  • When the event is live, you can start exploring. The active tabs are marked with a red button.
  • You may take part in public and individual chats, or polls.
  • To connect with people individually, just click the People tab and choose the person you’d like to meet. All meetings can be found at My Agenda tab. You can invite them to a video call, schedule a meeting or send them a message.
  • You have moderator and speaker permissions once you complete your registration. When you are at your booth and you are presenting you can invite attendees with camera and mic on. To invite use the Moderation panel. It is located at the left bottom of the booth. Click on the person you want to invite. The attendee will appear on screen only if he/she has accepted your invitation.
  • If you want to edit your booth, please don’t delete the Website field, because it is the download link for the button of your brochure.
  • Moderators can toggle (switch) the Fallback provider ON or OFF any time. Toggling the Fallback provider ON switches the stream from a live video session to a prerecorded video.
  • When your time to present on the Stage is approaching, you need to click on the link for the backstages. The link for the backstages are provided by SRT’s team and Backstage 1 and Backstage 2 are the control panels for the sessions on Stage 1 and Stage 2. You can test your mic and camera, share your presentation and then the moderator of the stage will click on the Broadcast button allowing the viewers to watch at the current stage.
  • In case you have a technical difficulty or a specific tab of the event is not working, refresh your browser. You refresh your browser and delete your cache by pressing CTRL + F5 or CMD+F5.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can find us in SRT Help Desk. Enjoy your SRT Virtual Fairs and see you there!