No one knows more about studying in Spain and the opportunities the country offers for international students than Susana Expósito, founder of SPAIN Counselor. That is why we have invited her on this occasion, in order to offer you the complete image of studying in the most sociable country in the world! Read carefully and do not miss the chance to start your professional career in a country that stands out for its quality of studies and life.

The third most desired destination by international students

Spain is one of the main academic destinations in the world and the first academic destination for European exchange students that participate in the Erasmus+ program. It is the third destination for foreigners doing their graduate studies in the world. 

Spain is undoubtedly an attractive location for those searching for excellence in education. According to the main international rankings (THE, QS, and ARWU-Shanghai) Spain in 2021 is in 23rd position. 20 Spanish universities are in the top 50 best universities in the world in over 24 disciplines. 

The wide range of official degrees from the 87 Spanish universities (50 public and 37 private) covers all areas of knowledge, hundreds of specializations, and is designed to respond to the needs of the current job market. 

Five particularities drive international students to choose Spain as an academic destination:

1. Quality of the Spanish Academic Degrees. Innovation and Technology

2. Scope and Employability of the Spanish educational degrees and its recognition in UE and are internationally recognized.

3. Cost of living, quality-price of higher education and scholarships to study in Spain

4. Living and working in Spain.… and Europe

5. Admission process in Spain are very simple

Spanish universities offer more than 800 programs taught totally or partially in English. Take advantage of living in Spain to practice your Spanish, the second most-spoken language in the world, giving you a comparative advantage when entering the job market.

The majority of international students in Spain are interested in fields like Management and Administration, Health Sciences, Engineering, Arts, and Humanities.

Resources for international students

Most universities in Spain offer internships through the Erasmus program. Internships are usually included in the university’s obligatory program. Paid or unpaid provide great value for students because: 

  • Provide the students with their first contact with the job market.
  • Help the students to orient their professional path according to their interests.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge and skills they have acquired into practice.
  • They make it easier for students to land good jobs

There are numerous national and international organizations and institutions that offer grants and financial aid to promote international academic mobility. Students can obtain (plus information) here: International Grants and Scholarship Finder SEPIE.

The average tuition fee at Spanish universities is very competitive to international students:

  • Public Universities: Undergraduate degree programs have tuition fees between 750€ and 2,600€ per year. The average price for an undergraduate degree is €1,200 and for a master’s degree, it ranges between €1,020 and €4,500 per year.
  • Private Universities: Undergraduate tuition is around €9,500 a year on average and master’s/graduate fees can range from €1,500 to €15,000 onwards.

All universities offer scholarships based on academic excellence and/or the applicant’s socioeconomic- or family situation.

Most Spanish universities offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, music, guide tours, clubs and outdoors activities including walking, sailing, hiking, skiing, rafting to make your University experience unforgettable. 

A significant part of university life consists of classes and studying, but extracurricular activities are also important. Students can receive elective credits or ECTS credits for some of these activities. There are many centers and public services throughout the city where students can partake in after-school activities.

Student life in Spain

By the words of several international organizations, Spain has been named the most sociable country in the world to live in, and the safest to travel alone throughout its territory. 

Students discover friendly people, warm weather, vibrant nightlife, gastronomy, striking landscapes, and cultural and geographical richness are among the most worldwide known features. 

The ease of traveling around Spain, with its excellent public transportation options, and extensive road and rail network. The low cost of living in Spain means that international students face significantly lower expenses than those of other academic destinations in America, Europe and Asia.

For all of the above, it is not surprising that the World Economic Forum has considered Spain for the second consecutive year as the most competitive tourist destination in the world being the third country in the world with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage declarations.

Opportunities after graduation

Spain ranks 4th in the EU economy and 14th in the world, offering a direct connection with the practical needs of students. In order to work in the country, you can request prior authorization from the Immigration Office, which will allow you to be able to work as long as it is compatible with your studies (30 hours per week according to the recent Royal Decree 629/2022, of July 26, 2022). This authorization has no geographical limitation and allows you to work as an employee or as your own.

There are several ways to extend the stay in Spain after finishing your studies, depending on the time that the student has been in Spain and the job opportunities available. 

Students from countries that are part of the Ibero-American Summit are able to request Spanish nationality by residence, demonstrating only 2 years of work experience or with a work permit in Spain. This is one of the great advantages of Studying in Spain.



Susana Expósito
Susana Expósito is the founder of SPAIN Counselor. She graduated in Computer Sciences from the Polytechnic School of Zaragoza and has also a degree in Internet Marketing, Sales & Technology from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. As a former employee of teaching Centers of the Ministry of Defense, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Susana is closely linked to the Spanish public sector. During the last years she has worked in international university admission and promoted study degrees at Spanish public and private universities, as well as Spain as a destination for education.