Many students choose to get a Business Management bachelor’s degree in today’s fast-paced and competitive job market. The program provides students with a versatile skill set that employers across a range of industries value, along with networking opportunities, entrepreneurship training, and higher earning potential. 

We invited one of EU Business Schools’ Regional Managers, Borja Ramos Serrano, to discuss the advantages of studying Business and how to succeed after graduation. 

Borja, what do you think are the primary technical and soft skills students need to process?  

There are crucial soft skills for business students, such as strategic and critical thinking or problem-solving skills. Awareness of what is happening in a market is extremely important for students and professionals. Without a doubt, understanding the marketplace goes beyond what you’ve learned in college. Furthermore, organizational and communication skills are essential.

And in which particular areas of business can a student specialize? 

EU Business School offers a wide range of specializations within the business field. It offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s, including  MBAs, such as the Bachelor of Business Administration, the Master in Management, or the MBA in International Business. However, there are other specializations offered, such as the BA in Sports Management, International Relations, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain & Logistics, Communication & PR, or Digital Business, Design & Innovation. At the Master’s level, Finance, Digital Business, Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, or Business Analytics & Data Science, among other specializations. Regarding MBAs, there are also specializations such as International Marketing, Global Banking & Finance, Entrepreneurship, Sports Management, and Blockchain Management.

How to be informed and up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the business world?

In the current business world, social media plays a significant role, so knowing how to use analytical tools and being aware of the latest trends are key to success. In addition, the series of conferences Learning From Leaders of EU Business School, helps our students and Alumni keep up to date!

Can you tell us more about new experiences and learning opportunities after getting a bachelor’s degree in Business?

There have been huge and rapid changes in the business world nowadays. The skills students gain at university in business management should enable them to have a positive impact on any organization. Therefore, adaptation is relevant and certain skills in the CV might be the decisive factor. For instance, a creative approach to problem-solving or an understanding of organizational behavior and analytical and critical thinking are some of the significant experiences and skills in the business world.

And in the end, tell us about the importance of networking in the business world.

At EU Business School, we immerse students in a real-world business environment, bringing business to life through guest speaker sessions, company visits, field trips, case studies, business simulations, and internships, among others. Prestigious guest speaker events with renowned international leaders and frequent company visits to organizations like BMW, the United Nations agencies, Siemens, and UEFA allow EU students to gain first-hand experience of the inner workings of global business giants.

EU gives prominence to networking as building connections with other professionals within the industry will always benefit both parties. At the end of the day, networking in the business world would translate into impactful connections, business growth, reputation, prestige, and visibility. To summarize, these long-term relationships should be the core of anyone’s career. As a matter of fact, the EU boasts an Alumni network of 30.000 members! What could be better than emphasizing this during your university experience? 

Borja Ramos Serrano
Borja is one of the Regional Managers for Europe at EU Business School and he is one of the few locals at EU! He loves working in an international environment. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management in Barcelona and Germany, followed by a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. His studies led him to work in educational institutions.