Can you imagine telling your parents a few years ago that you want to become an influencer? They probably would have taken it as a joke. Now, more and more big brands are using influencers, and many of them make a very good living from it. Not a joke at all. 

In the same way, many other “futuristic” professions have come to stay. Blockchain Developer, Autonomous Vehicle Designer, Quantum Machine Learning Analyst, and Hazardous Waste Engineer are just a few. If you are wondering what they are exactly – as we were, when starting to write this article – and how you can prepare for them, read on!

Why is it important to be involved in the changing world?

The world is changing at an alarming rate, and so are jobs. Nowadays, companies require versatile, flexible professionals who know how to adapt to change. In fact, the ability to gain new knowledge is becoming more valuable than the knowledge itself. This is what emerges from a report by the Institute for The Future, which states that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not even been invented yet.

How do undergraduate students prepare for that? They will need to get ready for constant skills training, in real time and on a need-to-know basis. Are universities sufficiently prepared to keep up with these changes and offer study programs in line with labor demand? Or, in other words, is it possible to prepare for jobs that do not even exist yet? 

5 jobs of the future and how to prepare for them

Universities are adapting as best they can to these changes and are incorporating specific programs that prepare for these quite new professions, as well as renewing educational methodologies, offering more practical experiences focused on skills gaining. Although these jobs already exist, they are still fresh and not so popular yet. Let’s go over them:

  • Blockchain Developer. Typically, a degree in Computer Science will lead you to specialize in blockchain development. Currently, there are many universities offering programs on this around the world, although the US and Canada are at the forefront. For more information about universities and application processes there, check out these government sources: EducationUSA and EduCanada. In case you are still wondering what blockchain technology is, according to IBM’s definition it, “is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network”.
  • Quantum Machine Learning Analyst. This is a challenging one as it requires knowledge about both Quantum Physics and Machine Learning. Therefore, an ideal candidate for this position should possess a degree in Physics, Artificial Intelligence, and/or Math. Once again, universities in the US and Canada top the list for tech-related studies, along with the UK for this specific program. You can use UCAS to orient yourself in the university scene in the UK.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Designer. The demand for autonomous vehicles is growing, and so a talented workforce is needed to support it. The two typical profiles required are software developers and mechanical engineers. For this, in addition to Canada and the UK, where you can also find interesting Engineering programs, you must consider Germany, one of the countries at the vanguard of vehicle technology. Learn everything you need to know to study there with DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.
  • Content Creator or Influencer and Advisor to Influencers. You probably already know what an influencer does, and although it may seem like an easy role, not everyone is cut out for it and certain qualifications are required to succeed. Some of the best degrees to work as an influencer are all those related to Arts and Design. The UK, Italy and France are well-known destinations for pursuing artistic studies. You can get oriented about French universities with Campus France. Other specific useful degrees would be Marketing and Communications, Nutrition or Sports Sciences, and Finances. 
  • Hazardous Waste Engineer. At a time of growing concern for the environment, professionals able to dispose of toxic waste materials in a manner that will not harm human health and the planet are needed. This role requires professionals usually specialized in one or more sciences, such as Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, or any combination of them. If you are into this, you must consider choosing the US. 

The importance of researching your major

Now, you may have a better idea of what is trendy in the labor market, but that doesn’t t mean you have to go for it at any cost. There are many aspects to consider when choosing your major, and therefore the importance of having the support of parents and counselors.

We at SRT are also here for you as you begin your journey as an international student, providing you with the best resources to make the right choice. Stay tuned for our next blog posts for trends in education, advice, and first-hand information from university representatives and counselors!

Marta Valverde
Event Coordinator for Spain at SRT Fairs. She studied Journalism and Communication in Tenerife, Spain, and is now based in Sofia, Bulgaria.