Young people are looking at higher education and career options as early as 13 years old, and quickly realise that it’s essential to have a resume that stands out amongst thousands of other applicants. Some subjects, and indeed some institutions, are especially competitive, and  students need to show a determination to succeed. It is therefore important to use all the opportunities you can find to progress down your chosen subject or career path.

One of the best ways for teenagers to expand their skillset, learn new things and boost their applications is to attend a summer school. At Oxford Royale, we believe that education is about more than classroom learning. Everything we do on our summer courses is designed to help students grow in experience and develop their knowledge, to help on their future journey. Showing an interest in additional study and extracurricular activities helps you to stand out from the crowd. Attending a summer school demonstrates that you use your time to maximum effect, and choose self-improvement to occupy your summer months.

Oxford Royale summer schools provide an authentic taste of university life, helping students to prepare to become undergraduates. The structure is similar to that of a university, with lectures, seminars and masterclasses. Our expert teachers encourage independent study, preparing our students for the workload and approach expected at university. Attending a summer school also helps develop good habits for maintaining a healthy study timetable, by keeping students in an academic mindset. Class sizes are smaller, and as the length of the course is short, the learning is intensive. Oxford Royale summer schools offer practical sessions, such as debates, mock exams and group projects, in addition to teaching and expert speakers. 

Attending a summer school can help build a clear picture of the opportunities in a student’s chosen area, and where they’ll need to focus to succeed. We employ industry experts who can talk through options in terms of further education and careers, and give an insight into their own experiences.

Other life skills such as public speaking are an important part of the learning process, so our students take part in discussions, debates and case analysis, gaining in confidence and improving their communication skills. They learn to work as part of a team and develop leadership skills, dealing with people with different personalities and from various backgrounds. Our students build strong and lasting relationships with classmates as they interact on a daily basis and work together on practical tasks, introducing them to different cultures and customs.

Many of our students are away from home for the first time. It’s a chance to stand on your own two feet away from school and family, in a safe environment where you can be independent. Summer schools also offer cultural experiences, such as visits to museums, theatres and landmarks, making those first steps towards adulthood into a fun and exciting experience.

Oxford Royale is a leading global provider of elite summer schools in some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. We offer a range of courses to give young people the opportunity to identify their passions, make informed decisions, and realise their ambitions. This genuine taste of undergraduate life sets students on a path to academic and career achievement. Courses are delivered by a world-class faculty of experts and teachers who bring out the best in every individual. Since 2004 we’ve welcomed over 170 nationalities, creating a global community in which students develop an international network of friends and connections.

Join Oxford Royale for a summer to shape your future! Learn more at the webinar “What will you do next summer? Discover Oxford Royale Academy Summer Schools on January 23rd.