Here you are, in your final years of high school, overwhelmed by exams and deadlines, but excited about what you have been working so hard for: to begin your journey as an international undergraduate student. A life changing experience that will open many doors for you when looking for the best job opportunities.

Searching for a great Bachelor’s program depends on getting that perfect mix between what you want and what each university offers. Whatever country and programme you choose, we at SRT Fairs are here to guide you, together with your parents and teachers, through the process of making the right choice. Thinking about aspects such as campus size, language, culture and affordability are key.

Our upcoming Study Abroad: Virtual Fair, on February 24 is the perfect opportunity to start exploring your options for studying abroad. Enjoy meeting with more than 40 international universities, which will present in depth sessions on different topics, such as application processes or study programs. Explore the exclusive opportunity to meet one-on-one with each of them. Everything you need to know about accomplishing your dreams of studying abroad will be tackled during our 4 hour event.

Join us and chat one-on-one with the universities of your choice right there and then! All you need to do to obtain your free ticket is to register HERE. Once registered, you will receive an invitation link from our official platform – Hopin. Simply accept the invitation and your registration is complete. Get inspired to explore your options and pursue your college dreams, all from the comfort of your home.


  1. Research the universities. Visit our event’s page to find information about all 40 universities! Did you know that there will be 7 universities from the UK and 5 from The Netherlands? Both destinations are among the most desired ones for students from around the globe because of their prestigious universities and their friendly international environment. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland are the other amazing places that you may want to study. You can discover more about what they have to offer during the event’s sessions.
  2. Interact in the universities’ virtual booths. Go to Universities’ Booths section to view all presenting universities and the programs they offer. To find what you need, simply type in the search bar the country or program you are looking for. Within the booth, you will have access to different materials – brochures, videos, campus information, prospectuses, etc. You can even chat directly with the university representative if the booth is “Live”. This would be another opportunity to ask your questions directly. Keep in mind that booths are public and other attendees can enter anytime.
  3. Prepare for one-on-one meetings. Enjoy the opportunity of scheduling a meeting with university representatives while the event is LIVE. Connect with them via chat or video. To do that, click on the “People” tab and choose the person you would like to meet. You can also use the searching tab to find the person. Once you are in a meeting, ask questions about the programs you are interested in, talk about your interests and speak about what you personally could bring to the university. Learn more about upcoming open days, internship programs or work opportunities after graduating.
  4. Participate in our educational sessions. Get access to live and recorded educational sessions hosted by participating universities. On Stage 1 you will find Vocational Presentations, those related to a particular country’s admissions processes, and where you will find many answers to your questions. On Stage 2, our Career-oriented Presentations will focus on different programs. These sessions are specifically dedicated to those of you who already know what you want to study. Here you can use the chat to ask your questions. All sessions will be live, but in case you miss one they will be available to watch on the “Replay” section of the event.
  5. Use the chat. As already mentioned, this is one of the options for connecting with university representatives. You can either communicate through the main chat in the reception area or in separate chats of every session or booth. Do not forget to allow notifications ON. If you need some help, at any time of the event, you can always contact the SRT Team through the Help Desk.
  6. Don’t forget about logistics! Before the start of the event, make sure you have a good internet connection and proper headphones and get familiar with the platform. Also, find a quiet spot with a neutral background and good lighting for the meetings. Last but not least, pick out a proper outfit in advance. It can be your school uniform or a casual-smart outfit. You need to look professional but confident at the same time, so don’t overdo it.

If you have enjoyed our Virtual Fair and you are eager to learn about more options on how to study abroad, then stay tuned for our upcoming webinars, teaser classes, and global workshops. Get inspired to explore your options and pursue your college dreams. We encourage you to always stay curious and adventurous!